Develop Your Ultimate Playbook to SDR Onboarding in 1 Hour (Yes, You Are Missing Things)


We’re letting you in on a secret - your onboarding process for your sales team isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it can be causing your newest reps to leave as soon as they start.

But we know how to make it thrive, and we’re giving you the exact details on how to do it.


Check this replay! Dive into this playbook (the Ultimate Playbook to SDR Onboarding [the latest from Vendition]) and develop your own personalized onboarding plan you can use immediately.

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What You'll Learn

  • Develop in real-time your own Ultimate Playbook for SDR Onboarding that can be used for every hire
  • 5 key components missing from typical SDR onboarding
  • Tactics any manager can use (starting tomorrow) to create a world-class experience

Meet The Speakers

Hana Elliott

Eddie Cortez

Colin Campbell

Brian Smith Jr.

VP of Revenue


Senior Sales 

Development Instructor


Head of Community


Revenue Enablement Manager


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