Your sales pipeline is your lifeline. It is the key indicator of where deals stand and when you can expect them to close. Everyone wants insights into the pipeline - the board, your executive team, sales leaders.

When giving your team a view into the pipeline it is crucial that it be unbiased, leaving no room for questions or uncertainty. Listen as our panel of influential sales leaders discuss how an unbiased view of your pipeline can help your company drive growth and move deals along faster.

Uncovering Actionable Insights to Accelerate Your Pipeline


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What you'll learn

  • How to create an unbiased forecast, on which your execs and senior leaders can rely
  • How to uncover actionable pipeline insights to drive revenue growth
  • How to coach reps to success by focusing on the right deals
  • How to reduce time wasted in spreadsheet hell 

CEO and Co-founder at Aviso

Meet the Speakers

K.V. Rao

Richard Harris

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services at Sales Hacker

Bill Dolby

Sr. Director Sales Operations at RingCentral

VP, Global Sales Operations at Marketo

Jeff Serlin

VP, Sales Operations at Lookout Mobile Security

David Hong

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