Good INTENTions: How to Use Intent Data in your B2B Sales Strategy


According to ZoomInfo, the average B2B buyer is 67% of the way through the buyer’s journey before they ever speak with a salesperson.

That means your prospects are out there searching online for solutions to their pain points all the time. Intent data can help you ensure their research doesn't go unnoticed.


But how do you actually use that information without being... creepy? And how should "intent" influence how you qualify and score leads?


Our panel of sales experts will answer both these questions and more as they give you practical, how-to-style advice on how to use intent data in your sales process.


Make it your new intention to take your sales strategy from good to great.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to effectively identify early buyer interest before the competition
  • Using intent data to improve your lead scoring methodology
  • Gaining visibility into keeping (and upselling) old customers

Meet The Speakers

Scott Sutton

Mike Burton

Scott Barker

VP of Revenue Operations


Co-Founder and 

SVP of Data Sales


Head of Partnerships

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