Video gets a ton of well-deserved attention for its early-stage, attention-grabbing power in your prospecting, but not many sellers utilize the video connection (that grows more & more useful) throughout their sales cycle. 

Once you’ve made that initial connection with a prospect, how do you continue to use video to keep deals moving through the funnel? And how can you continue to add a personal touch while also making good use of your time?

In this webinar, we were joined by Vidyard’s VP of Revenue, Dan Wardle, to learn his proven tips & tricks for using video throughout your sales cycle, from prospecting through to onboarding, to shorten deal times, nail your quota and build rapport & relationships that last!

Beyond Prospecting: Video Throughout the Sales Cycle


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What You'll Learn

  • The video-enabled full cycle sales sequence.
  • How to use video to enable your champions.
  • How to keep top of mind during a long sales cycle.
  • How to avoid dropped meetings and build lasting relationships.

Meet The Speakers

Richard Harris


The Harris Consulting Group 

Dan Wardle

VP of Revenue


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