Everything You Need To Know About Video Selling in 2022


Countless emails, social touches, and ringless voicemails…

You’ve spent weeks reaching out to your “A-list”—your highest-value prospects. 

Getting that first meeting is painstaking enough, but now you have to build rapport, uncover pain points, drive value, and book that second meeting. 

In this replay of our masterclass, watch two experts unpacked everything you need to know to make your customer’s journey consistent and personalized through video from prospecting, nurture to close.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to incorporate hyper-personalized videos into your sales process to win the meeting
  • Dave’s formula for disco/demo calls: share impactful customer stories, effectively uncover pain-points, drive value, and book a second meeting
  • Tips for effective follow up so you keep the prospect engaged to close

Meet The Speakers

Dave Kennett

Melissa Murillo

Chad Lakin

Founder & CEO


Head of Global Business Dev


VP, North America


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