Black Women’s Equal Pay Day: Open Discussion on the Wage Gap Driven by Race and Gender


September 21st marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. 

It’s a time for reflection and open discussion on the wage gap that yawns before us for Black Women.

In this replay, we’ve assembled a panel who presented us information that inspire Black Women to own their career while providing insight and education on how to advocate for themselves, their community, and ways to overcome adversity along the way.

You'll learn:

  • Steering your path from Day 1: How to seek sponsorship and best practices for networking
  • How to prepare for salary conversations and negotiating your offer 
  • Navigating the job search process: Know your self-worth and translating transferable skills
  • Effectively negotiating a pay raise & how to go about getting that promotion you deserve

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Meet the Speakers

Shawanda Roberts

Marie Davis

Global VP of Sales & Marketing Activation

Frost & Sullivan

Regional Vice President - Customer Success


Event Sponsor

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