6 Ways to Beat the Burnout within Sales


Burnout [a state of exhaustion caused by chronic, continual stress] is an existing threat to your Sales team, it comes with the role (creating pipeline and closing deals).

But bad stress from the hustle culture can burn out your sales team and cause sales to plummet as they no longer feel the thrill of the hunt.

So how can Sales leaders spot the difference and create an environment that takes the edge off before it is too late?

We were joined by these 4 thought leaders to learn what you can do now to win the uphill battle against burnout among reps and how to create a winning sales culture that does not fall into the trap of hustle culture.

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What You'll Learn

  • What are the causes of burnout and why it happens
  • 6 ways sales leaders can create sustainable workplaces for their teams
  • Gamification strategies you can use now to foster a healthy team culture

Meet The Speakers

Sam Nelson

Richard Harris

Irina Soriano

Sindre Haaland

SDR Leader



The Harris Consulting Group

VP, Enablement & Process Excellence




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