We know every minute of the day is precious to sales reps, which is why we’re going to ditch the fluff and cut to the chase. We’ve gathered an all-star cast of top sales leaders to tell you exactly how you can crush quota by using video for everything from standing out when prospecting to accelerating your deal cycles.

Join Tonni Bennett and Kyle Norton for an action-packed 30-minute roundtable to hear exactly how their sales teams are using personal video to boost response rates, revive dark deals and build better relationships.

3 Ways Top Sales Teams are Killing it with Personal Video


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What You'll Learn

  • Boost your response rates by creating 1:1 personalized videos
  • Identify your best opportunities by leveraging audience data
  • Accelerate deal cycles by building better relationships with personal video

Meet The Speakers

VP of Sales


Tonni Bennett

Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing


Kyle Norton

Sales Coach

League Inc.

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