Are your sales teams comprised of robots or Vulcans? If not, they are likely humans. Humans, by nature, can often be irrational. So how do we motivate salespeople who are otherwise unpredictable human beings? INCENTIVES.


Incentives come in all shapes and sizes, but at their core they are designed to change behavior. Proper incentives are powerful, but all too often they are missing the mark. Improper incentives lead to underperforming reps, missed quotas, and lower job satisfaction. How do you know when and how to implement the right incentives?


Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to strategically implement holistic incentive programs that align sales behaviors with organizational goals and drive business outcomes. Learn how to motivate the right behaviors at every step of the sales process and crush your quota in 2017!

Why Sales Incentives is Your Secret Weapon for 2017 Quota Attainment


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What you'll learn

  •  Why sales incentives matter to your business
  • The role incentives play across multiple business processes 
  • The benefits of holistic, intelligent incentive programs
  • Lessons learned from a company who has successfully navigated this journey

Meet the Speakers

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services 

Sales Hacker

Richard Harris

Greg McLaughlin

Jason Loh

CRM and Business Automation Expert

General Manager – Incentives Portfolio


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