“How do I become an AE?” If you’re an SDR Manager, this is a question you hear all the time. And it appears SDR’s aren’t happy with your answer: the rate of turnover for SDR’s is 34%, with 2/3rds of that turnover being voluntary. Learn from expert SDR coach and trainer Tito Bohrt how to attract and retain that all-important talent, from career mapping to SDR comp structures, to coaching for morale.

Why Your SDRs Keep Churning (And How To Start Retaining Them)


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What You'll Learn

  • SDR interviewing mistakes that are costing you big money

  • How to coach world-class reps to get 2x meetings from your team

  • How to build a great SDR comp plan that attracts and retains SDRs 

  • How to build a career path and turn your SDR team into a treasure trove of internal promotions

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Dir. of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Tito Bohrt

Founder and CEO


Scott Barker

Head Of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

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