Organizations across industries struggle with low CRM adoption rates. In fact, Salesforce reports that CRM adoption can be as low as 26%. The ramifications of low CRM adoption often snowball into double-digit revenue loss per year, among other things. Conversely, high CRM adoption rates can increase sales by up to 300%—a no-brainer for implementing best practices for capturing more sales data in 2018.

Watch ClearSlide's VP of Marketing, Michael Schultz, as he outlines the ideal framework for increasing sales in your organization with sales engagement data.

How to Win More Deals with Sales Engagement Data


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What You'll Learn

  • Why capturing sales data is such a challenge among organizations.

  • How systems of engagement drive higher CRM adoption and sales productivity.

  • How tracking engagement improves pipeline management and forecast accuracy.

  • Best practices for capturing more sales data in 2018.

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Michael Schultz

VP of Sales & Marketing


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