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Men, Pay Attention: 

Women Are 11% More Likely to Win Deals

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Women in sales listen less, interrupt more, yet still close more deals than men. Those are some of the counterintuitive results Gong found after analyzing 30,469 sales calls using AI to understand how men and women sell differently.


Join us on this new webinar, where the CEO of Gong, along with three world-famous leading women in sales give their interpretations of this sales call data and help us understand the behaviors women are using to advance deals and close sales.

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What You'll Learn

  • How this conversation data was gathered and analyzed
  • Why women are closing deals at a higher rate than men - despite "listening" less, interrupting more, and other "sins of selling"
  • Why women interrupt their prospects 50% more often than men do... and how that may be helping them
  • What each gender can learn from each other to get more deals closed

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