How Every Seller Can Become a Confident and Authentic Communicator


What’s the old adage? It's not what they said - it's how they said it.


Do you notice with some of your sellers, prospects tune out during a meeting? Or maybe you’ve seen it in your own presentations?


It’s difficult to assess what we need to do differently, and even more difficult to improve without help.


Check this workshop replay — that is full of practical steps from the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre, Alliance@work on how to self-assess your ability to speak more confidently and naturally.


Using the Actor’s Tool kit and merging the fundamentals of effective communication with powerful performance, Alliance@work helps organizations turn average sellers into extraordinary closers.


In this recording, you will explore rehearsal techniques, vocal practices and AI technology (VoiceVibes) to find your true voice and explore ways to increase its effectiveness – turning authenticity into your best competitive advantage.

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What You'll Learn

  • Show up with more presence and purpose on your sales calls
  • Engage more authentically with prospects and customers
  • Move past the stress to close the sale
  • See how technologies give feedback on how you are perceived

Meet The Speakers

J Noble

Debra Cancro

Colin Campbell

Actor, Director, and Creator


Head of Voice Analytics


Director of Marketing

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