Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity via Innovation

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People aren’t robots—shocker, we know—and yet the expectation is often for employees to perform without feelings or emotional responses.

The best ideas come from open conversations about strategy, and sometimes that means doing some mental masturbation.

Today’s guest, Jeff Davis, Associate Director of Business & Brand Strategy at AbbVie, talks with us about the revelations from switching between sales and marketing, how those two departments can work together, and explains what the heck mental masturbation means.

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Join us as we discuss:

  • Addressing the pain points between sales and marketing collaboration
  • Focusing on quality, not only quantity
  • Who should be promoted to CRO? (one common option makes Jeff nervous)
  • The importance of Revenue operations
  • The state of sales and marketing today

Check out Jeff’s book: Create Togetherness

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