7 Killer Sales Conferences to Attend During the Rest of 2017

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Editor’s Note: If you happened to stumble upon this article looking for 2019 sales conferences, we just published it!

Summer is nearly upon us. Like many of you, we spent the opening 5 months of 2017 attending our fair share of sales conferences throughout the country. From the SaaStr Annual to the Revenue Summit to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit, 2017 has played host to an unprecedented quantity of sales conferences that delivered on their promise. Each of these sales conferences was jam-packed with phenomenal agendas, insightful content and valuable networking opportunities.

“Over the past two or three years, sales has advanced, so it’s extremely important for salespeople to learn how to leverage technology in sales today. Sales events and conferences are now showcasing ways to use technology in the sales process, and embrace the era that we’re in right now.” – Max Altschuler

7 Sales Conferences To Attend: May-December 2017

If anything, the proliferation of excellent sales conferences has created a new problem for modern sales leaders – prioritizing which events to fit into their busy schedules. With nearly 6 months already in the books, we’re ready to look ahead. Here’s the rundown of 7 sales conferences every B2B sales executive should attend during the remaining months on the annual calendar.

Sales Conference #1 – Aligned 2017

Date: May 22-26, 2017

Location: Virtual

About: Networking opportunities aside, Aligned 2017 delivers everything you could ask for in a sales conference. Zero cost. Versatile content. Iconic keynotes. And unparalleled convenience – this is a virtual event you can access via computer. Featuring 50+ sessions – each one available to watch on-demand – Aligned brings together today’s top B2B sales and marketing experts, operators and consultants to take on the challenging subject of alignment. Hosted by Ambition, Engagio, Sales Hacker, HubSpot, and Sweetfish Media, among others, Aligned is a no-brainer for modern B2B sales leaders who are serious about building an efficient revenue machine.

Sales Conference #2 – Sales Machine

Date: June 14-15, 2017

Location: New York, New York

About: Hosted by Sales Hacker, Sales Machine is the sales conference for B2B sales organizations looking to talk shop and rub elbows with industry leaders in the city that never sleeps. This year’s conference many leading industry luminaries in its speaker lineup, including Crossing the Chasm author Geoffrey Moore. The summer’s premier conference event for sales leaders looking to scale their sales organization in the 2nd half of 2017.

Sales Conference #3 – Inside Sales 2017

inside sales 2017 Date: September 7, 2017

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

About: Miss the AA-ISP Leadership Summit? Boston’s annual fall Inside Sales conference is your shot at redemption. A great place to meet leading inside sales vendors, practitioners, and consultants, Inside Sales 2017 has a low profile compared to other sales conferences on this list. And that’s one of its strengths – if you’re looking for a sales conference with a high sales leader: sales development rep ratio, book your reservation for Inside Sales 2017.

Sales Conference #4 – Inbound

inbound conference 2017 Date: September 25-28, 2017

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

About: HubSpot’s annual conference for sales and marketing leaders distinguishes itself by the sheer variety of its speaker lineup. Want Michelle Obama to hear your elevator pitch? Play your cards right at Inbound, and you might have a shot at making that a reality. Disciplined sales leaders also have plenty of valuable sessions they can attend – including Breakout Sessions from industry stalwarts like Trish Bertuzzi and Lori Richardson.

Bonus: Check out Gary V’s impressive 2016 keynote to get a glimpse of what you’re in for!

Sales Conference #5 – CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

ceb sales marketing conference 2017 Date: October 17-19, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

About: CEB is one of the most respected names in B2B sales and marketing analysis. It logically follows that their annual Sales and Marketing Summit tends to be light on hype, heavy on substance. The ultimate sales conference power move?

Featuring your own Principal Advisor – who also happened to co-author The Challenger Sale – as your event’s keynote. A worthy addition to innovative sales leader’s event calendar.

Bonus: Check out Rethinking Customer Understanding: Part 1 of Brent Adamson’s Keynote Speech from the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit.

Sales Conference #6 – Dreamforce

dreamforce conference 2017 Date: November 6-9, 2017

Location: San Francisco, California

About: We don’t need to pitch you Dreamforce. The #DF17 agenda is still months away from debuting – and it’s still a mortal lock for your event calendar come November. Rest assured that, as we write this, an army of Salesforce marketing talent is quietly assembling a speaker lineup so preposterously impressive, it casts a shadow over the entire SaaS industry. We’ll see you there.

Bonus: Check out last year’s opening keynote highlights from Dreamforce 2016.

Sales Conference #7 – Ops Stars

ops stars 2017 conference Date: November 7-9, 2017

Location: San Francisco, California

About: The little brother to Dreamforce that should not be overlooked. Ops Stars debuted last year down the street from #DF16, offering sales, marketing, and operations leaders a relaxed atmosphere where they could take in insightful ops-focused presentations from the smartest minds among their industry peers.

Don’t sleep on Ops-Stars this year – the positive response to last year’s event was strong enough to warrant a curtain call from event hosts DataFox and LeanData.

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