The Holiday Mailbag: Your Community Questions Answered

In the final episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast for 2021, Sam Jacobs digs into the “mailbag” of great questions found in the Sales Hacker Community.

Join us for holiday cheer and some great new ways to look at how you can excel at sales in 2022. 🥂

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What You’ll Learn

Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. One off emails vs sequences [3:18]
  2. Creating a high performance sales team [6:32]
  3. The importance of filling up your sales team’s day with meetings and how to create winning culture [7:09]
  4. Sam’s method for managing 1-on-1s [10:22]
  5. Managing to “want the red bicycle”[14:25]
  6. Sam’s piece of advice for manifesting your goals 2022 [17:31]
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