How To Maintain a Steady Sales Mindset as an SDR

steady sales mindset

When you first think of life as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) you think of closing deals, dealing with objections, managing a pipeline and being relentless. However, something I think people overlook but should talk about more is the sales mindset.

Without a steady sales mindset, it is hard to progress in your career. Your mindset is the core of your work ethic. If you do not have a positive mindset, then you will not be able to accomplish the goals that you want to hit.

Every day will not be amazing. You won’t always set a lot of demos/meetings and have great conversations. Some days you will get OOO (Out of Office) replies; people will hang upon you, and you will receive a lot of “Thanks but No Thanks” in your inbox. There will be highs and lows in this role of sales. As an SDR, you need to keep a steady mindset in order to accomplish your goals.

Don’t Be Caught Up in the Highs and Lows

First off, let’s talk about the highs of the role. Most SDR’s job is to create interest for the prospect that leads to the first introductory call or demo with the Account Executive. For example, if you set up ten demos one week, you’re going to be pumped up, high fiving everyone around you and happy that you had an extraordinary week. You will be going into the weekend with a huge smile on your face!

Now, next week comes and you are excited to crush it again. However, it ends up not being the same as last week. You might hit a low point and have the worst week you have ever had on the job. Everyone is ghosting you on calls; your demos are getting canceled an hour before they are supposed to be going off, and no one is responding to cold outreach emails. You only end up with one demo for the week and you go into the weekend angry with yourself. Ultimately, this is not the week that you want to have.

Trust the Process

Trusting the process is important because that is what will help you keep your mindset steady. When an individual does not trust the process, it leads to an emotional whirlwind for your week, month and, possibly, career. Remaining faithful in the process helps you hone in on the skills you need to be practicing daily in order to do the work to be successful.

A great example of this is working out at the gym. Some days you will have a great workout, and some days you will have a bad workout. However, at the end of the day, you maintain a steady mindset by showing up to do the work to build yourself. If you know what you are supposed to be doing, then you will do it.

Keep the Sales Mindset Steady

These examples are reasons why having a steady mindset is so crucial. If you do not practice on having a steady mindset throughout your SDR career, you will ultimately crumble from the emotions of the highs and lows of the role. Keeping my mindset steady throughout the chaos has helped me tremendously with my performance and my overall sanity.

Keep your mindset steady for better results in your SDR role.

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