10 Sales Video Examples to Crush Quota from Call to Close


A hundred percent of the people we sell to are human.

And people like to laugh and smile. They enjoy interacting with people they trust and who seem authentic, and there is no better way to convey that than with video.

This post isn’t just a list of personalized video tips—it’s a strategy for using video throughout the sales process.

Studies show that when people can see and hear you, you become more memorable. Prospects can tell right away that you’re not just another robo-dialer, and while they’ll appreciate the clarity with which video helps you explain concepts and contracts, they’ll be deeply persuaded by the fact that you’re a living breathing person they can trust. And every touchpoint is an opportunity to use it.

Let’s let those humans on the other end know that your patient persistence is due to your winning personality – and not some software – like everyone else in their inbox.

10 videos to carry you to close

1. Cold video outreach

Some 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the hardest part of sales. Make it easier by using videos to pry responses from reluctant prospects or tough accounts.

Video works because it increases people’s expectation of value. Anyone can mass-send email. But mass-send a video where their name is on the thumbnail? That’s harder to fake. It says, “I did more than type. I took time to make this for you,” and it compels them to reciprocate. No surprise then that video helped one startup get five times higher response rates.

Three types of video to try:

  • Screen share
  • Selfie
  • Combo (screen share plus selfie)

It’s also worth noting video isn’t limited to email. You can send native video on LinkedIn, or links to videos on any platform where you conduct your outreach.

Tip: Hesitant to appear on camera? Find a buddy.

Video can push some beyond their comfort zone. But that’s why it’s such an advantage; your competitors are camera shy. Go at it with a buddy who can critique your videos.

2. Warm outreach video

Use personalized one-to-one video to get people back on the phone – whether they’re a prospect gone dark or a customer tip-toeing away from renewal.

The question often comes up, “Can I use humor for this?” The answer is yes – if that’s what feels right. Video is an opportunity to amplify parts of your personality in ways no other medium can. Some people can pull off humor and should. Others are better at honesty. Others at logic. Pick yours.

Tip: Keep your videos under two minutes. Under 45 seconds is even better.

In this outreach video, AJ Amiel from #paid shows weaves in a relatable topic (and prop) specific to his prospect.

3. Personalized walkthrough

Use video to give prospects just a taste of what your product offers. Could be a screen share of a software, could be you telling a story or interviewing a customer. You can walk through anything that helps them or their team understand why they should talk to you.

If you can create suspense like the video below does, you have a guaranteed response.

4. Event invite

Break through Zoom fatigue by talking through why someone should attend. You can include the video when forwarding a generic invite from marketing, and say, ”Hey, here’s why this would be valuable to you based on what we talked about.”

These work great if you record a screen share plus selfie to explain the speakers’ backgrounds and then show the form where they can sign up.

Tip: Get one of your event speakers to record a personal invite to your prospect or account.

5. Post-call or event walkthrough

Use a video to walk through what you heard and the top takeaways. Lots of webinars suffer high attrition and even if that person stayed for the whole thing, it doesn’t mean they paid attention. Video jogs their memory. They can also share it with their team who might have missed it.

Tip: End these videos with a strong call to action. Should they now book a meeting? Talk to their boss? If possible, include a link to your calendar so they can book in just one or two clicks.

In this follow-up screen share video, Josh from the Vidyard Emerging team re-caps a recent meeting, including a quick micro demo of some of the product features discussed on the call.

6. Mini demo

Reduce the barrier to people hopping on a full demo by sending a miniature one. If they’re reluctant to schedule the demo because they’re not sure it’s worth their time, this gives them a taste, and an artifact they can use to convince others on the buying committee.

This also works great for satisfying their internal requirements: security, financial, or otherwise. Pull in an expert such as your solution consultant or a product person to help record. Keep these short – under six minutes is ideal.

Tip: To save time, pre-record mini demos to answer the most common questions. When you send them, create a playlist with a brief personal introduction video.

7. Maintain momentum

Sustain your momentum with videos about company news or product updates. It’s low-effort but feels high-touch, and you can contextualize company news for their situation. E.g. “Hey we just launched this new feature and it addresses that one thing your operations team mentioned,” or “Here’s how this acquisition helps you.”

This works great for product launches, upcoming events, deadlines, new testimonials, beta tests, and more.

8. Explain the contract

Leave nothing open to interpretation. Walk through your agreements, legal documents, and service agreements on video. You can share your screen and point by point, address each clause to explain what it means.

This helps your prospect, but also helps their legal and fiance teams—it can reduce redlines, questions, and last-minute hangups.

Tip: If you use a proposal software, you can likely embed videos within the proposal.

9. Celebrate and hand off

Celebrate that newly minted signature with a video where you congratulate your buyer, explain what’s next, and introduce their account manager, who can also record their own video. This creates a warm handoff and ensures there are fewer baton drops and more trust that they’ll be taken care of.

In this welcome video, Lacie from the Vidyard CX team welcomes her new customer and discusses the next steps for the onboarding process.

10. Use testimonials for new warm outreach

Time to start that cycle all over again. At a post-sale high-point, ask your prospect for an informal testimonial video that you can then use for prospecting! You’d be surprised how many say yes, and you can prime them with a few helpful phrases (they’ll appreciate guidance) around how easy the process was, how much value they’re getting, and maybe, how easy things felt because you sent so many helpful videos.

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