Sales kickoff is the guiding North Star for all sales teams to jump start their year. But how can we expect that one event every 12 months is enough when product, marketing, and sales training materials are changing faster than ever? The right resources and strategy before, after, and during your annual sales meeting are crucial to sales kickoff success.

Today’s modern sales teams have moved beyond a traditional sales kickoff event to harness the power of an agile approach, transforming a traditional waterfall event into just one of many rallying points in their fiscal year. If you want to ensure that you’re building momentum and helping your sales teams close more deals from day 1, this webinar is for you. 


How to Supercharge Your Sales Kickoff – And Make Results Last

  • How an agile selling approach can maximize sales kickoff results
  • Why it’s important to reinforce training with technology
  • Tips to use the momentum from sales kickoff to drive sales results year-round

What you'll learn

Meet the Speakers



Christie Nelson

Jake Dunlap

Principal Sales Enablement Manager


Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services 

Sales Hacker

Pete Kazanjy

Richard Harris


Modern Sales Pros

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