Self-Correct Before You Self-Destruct (Summit Replay)

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This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit. In it, Founder and CEO of Xvoyant, Rob Jeppsen, gives you 3 tips to get you focused on the right stuff, so you can streamline your efforts and nail 2020.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create predictability to have enough deals and a cadence you can count on.
  • The 4 essential sales metrics and the equation that blends them.
  • The verifiers to know if people really are going to buy in predictable ways.

The Video

Outline and Timestamps

◉ The Law of Predictability and How to Remove Variance(4:42)

◈ Modeling Variance in Sales With Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange (07:09)

◉ Tuning Your Sales Engine(09:58)

◈ The Sales Equation (11:50)

◉ The Law of Verifiers: (14:29)

◈ Finding Your Physical Verifiers (16:05)

◉ Bring it all together (17:17)

Who is Rob Rob Jeppsen?

Rob Rob Jeppsen, Founder and CEO of Xvoyant, helps develop world-class sales leaders so they can develop world-class sales teams. He loves moving the Sales Needle & is a high-energy dealmaker with an emphasis in technology & financial services sectors.

He has worked for & consulted with many organizations & has expertise in sales, sales process, leadership development & the commercialization of new products and services.

Rob has received 15 Stevie Awards for Sales and Service since 2007. These awards are in categories such as Sales Team of the Year, Sales Coaching Program of the Year, Sales Training Curriculum of the Year, Sales Process of the Year, Sales Director of the Year, & Sr. Sales Executive of the Year.

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