Selling in the Hospitality Industry with Maryclare Sweeney

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In this episode, we’ve got Maryclare Sweeney with us. Maryclare is the Director of Sales at SEVENROOMS, which sells into the hospitality space. As a talented sales manager, she gives some secret strategies for success and how the company had to make changes, like so many, due to COVID.

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What You’ll Learn

  • The growth journey of Maryclare and SEVENROOMS
  • What was it like to sell during COVID
  • Maryclare thoughts about selling against competitors
  • What Maryclare has learned selling to restaurants

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Show Agenda and Timestamps

  1. About SEVENROOMS and Maryclare Sweeney [3:04]
  2. Maryclare’s thoughts on the biggest fallacies in nutrition [07:44]
  3. Being more influential than you think you are [11:46]
  4. Maryclare’s thoughts about zoom fatigue [17:28]
  5. Paying it forward [22:37]
  6. Sam’s Corner [24:24]
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