Slack, a wildly successful messaging platform, enables teams to communicate in real time. And now a Slack ecosystem is emerging. 

Today, a thousand Slack integrations–of which nearly 90 are sales related–have hit the market, and more than 15,000 developers are creating additional ones. In Slack-centric organizations, Slack meets reps where they are. Reps are using Slack all day to communicate with each other and with the company including broadcasting questions, looking for and providing advice, and sharing big wins.

Today, end-user organizations look to Slack to increase one-to-many communications, deliver dashboards and reports, manage applications such as CRM, communicate with customers, and feed sales enablement information and materials directly into Slack. Slack’s current growth rates are phenomenal.

As Slack adoption continues to swell, the need for sales integrations will explode. Over the next 12-16 months, we expect the vast majority of sales technology vendors, to deliver some form of integration into Slack. Join Craig Rosenberg of TOPO and John Ley of Square as we explore the rise of Slack, and ways in which your sales team can best take advantage of the ecosystem to drive adoption and productivity across your sales organization.

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Slack for Sales: How to Leverage the Slack Ecosystem to Drive Rep Productivity

October 26th, 2017 - 11:00 AM PT

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  • Understanding the rise of Slack
  • The current state of the slack sales ecosystem
  • The importance of meeting sales reps where they work
  • Best practices for implementing Slack for your sales team
  • Predictions for the future

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Doug Landis

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Craig Rosenberg

John Ley

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Emergence Capital

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