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Laying the Foundation for a Smooth Sales Cycle

Sales Development

This session is titled Laying the Foundation for a Smooth Sales Cycle by the CEO of Youth Nation, Jamie White.

Jamie’s Keys to Success

“If you don’t focus on the little things, you’ll never get to the big things. Get your foundations right and you’ll grow from there.”

Know your value – you have to know what you’re offering to a customer – i.e. know how much money you can make for them and know if you can’t offer them anything

Know your customer – even Jordan Bellfour (wolf of wall street) doesn’t jump right into his pitch…ASK QUESTIONS and IDENTIFY NEEDS

Have a structure – Don’t let clients take you away from approach or get a discount

Recognize Bad Clients – GO AWAY! Don’t be afraid to say no – some people LOVE to waste your time.

Invest in yourself – Positive people attract positive results – people are attracted to interest, always work to live and people are drawn to people who generate their own interest. Be exciting.

Be honest – You can’t lie in our social media generation

It’s hard not to appreciate an honest seller – it’s the #1 commodity presently

Undersell and Overdeliver – Exceed expectations by slightly underselling yourself and then overachieve, word of mouth by customers will become your next greets marketing/salesteam

Charge Accordingly – Knowing the underselling philosophy, but be firm on your value.

Sales can be mentally and physically demoralizing, so don’t undervalue yourself. Find your interests, be positive, and be honest and success will come.

Jamie White

Jamie is the co-founder and C.E.O at Youth Nation, the forefront youth market leaders in Ireland. In his career, Jamie has built and grown four companies that have excelled in their individual areas, acting as the bridge between brands and the youth of today.