Speaking the Right Language to Potential Buyers

Revenue Innovators Podcast Image - Speaking the Customer Language with Christopher Kingman

​​If you want to make more sales, you need to make the most of today’s trends.

Christopher Kingman, Global Head of Digital Sales Enablement at TransUnion, believes digital sales is the future of sales as a whole. Going digital can help you target customers more accurately, sell products faster, and bridge the gap between individuals and buying committees.

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In this episode of Revenue Innovators, we talked to Christopher about:

  • What the future of digital sales will look like
  • How communication between sellers and customers is changing
  • Why you should purge your pipeline


“The ability for you to target the right people, sell quicker, bridge the gaps between individuals and a buying committee is just amplified by digital.” — Christopher Kingman

“I think methodologies are on their way out. If you’re a junior organization, I think it makes sense because you have to get everybody aligned to doing one thing one way. Methodology is like a script. Say this until you know how to say it without staring at a piece of paper. But I think it’s too rigid. There’s too many channels for buy-in.” — Christopher Kingman

“There was always the pressure to keep your pipeline full. But you know a quarter of those deals are BS. They’re not real. And so one of the things that we did was an exercise where we said we’re going to purge everything that’s not relevant.” — Christopher Kingman



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