How To Weave Storytelling Into Every Sale

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It takes a deep understanding of both the art and science of sales engagement for a company as large as Adobe to successfully transition from in-person sales to a remote model.

Cheryl Turja, Sr. Director, DMe Business & Education Sales at Adobe, joins us for a deep dive into how she views the sales journey, how she interviews new sellers, and her belief that storytelling is woven into the core of every sale.

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Join us as we discuss:

  • Storytelling in sales and bringing your authentic self
  • Shifting from in-person sales to remote sales
  • The art and science of selling products
  • Best practices for interviewing new sellers
  • The “Adobe for All” principle to prioritize diversity and inclusion


“If you can get people to understand how something can benefit them or help them accomplish something, you’ve told a good story.”— Cheryl Turja

“Not every seller is comfortable or even really grasps the idea of selling without ever talking about the product.”— Cheryl Turja

“Challenge yourself to never go to a widget. Instead, always talk about what the customer will accomplish when their people are collaborating and engaged.”— Cheryl Turja

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