Multi-Threading Deals: How to Give Your Enterprise Team What They Need


Is multi-threading a little too “multi” for you and your team? Multi-threading can be difficult enough for your best reps — scaling it to the entire sales org is downright daunting, to say the least.

In this session, Katie Ray will challenge Jamal Reimer and Andrew Mewborn to get past the 101 level of multi-threading and dig deep into how to build it into your teams’ processes.

You’ll learn how to give reps the resources and processes they need to effectively multi-thread, how to get buy-in from the VP level, and how to design your very own Mutual Action Plan.

Brahm Heyman – Sr. Manager at Enterprise & Strategic Sales Highspot
Jamal Reimer – Owner of Outseller Consulting
Andrew Mewborn – Senior Account Executive at Outreach


  • What is multi-threading [3:02]
  • How to encourage reps and why it’s important [5:55]
  • What to do if someone is no longer needed in the conversation [10:40]
  • How to handle the decision-maker that doesn’t want to talk to other people [18:14]
  • Getting the executives involved [23:10]
  • What is an executive briefing document? [25:41]
  • Executive engagement [26:37]
  • Before involving the executive [29:47]
  • Common mistakes with multi-threading [36:20]
  • Advice [40:05]
  • How high do you go? [44:36]
  • Mutually beneficial strategies [48:11]

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