Tips and Tactics for Crushing your Annual Sales Goals

Achieving Sales Goals

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to refresh, reevaluate, and remind your team about the importance of focusing on their sales goals.

Optimism and motivation are at their highest, new goals are being established, and with the right approaches and coaching, sales reps can crush sales quotas and increase your company’s bottom line.

How can you ensure your team’s success this year? Employ the following tips and tactics to help your team excel this year.

#1 – Know Your Buyer Persona

To capitalize on sales, it’s crucial to understand who your ideal customers are and how to recognize them when prospecting. Take some time with your team to create your company’s buyer persona – a general representation of your ideal customer. Buyer personas are created via interviews, research, and surveys of your company’s target audience. Work with your team to narrow down the key indicators of your buyer persona by analyzing customers, prospects, and those outside of your sales pipeline who align with your target audience.

This may be a time-consuming task, but it will be time well spent in the long run. Knowing what your buyer persona is (and is not) will help with marketing, sales, service, and everything involved with attaining new customers and keeping the ones you have.

#2 – Spend Time Prospecting

It isn’t often that business just falls into your lap. So, once you have identified your team’s buyer persona, time must be spent on prospecting to find new customers. There are many effective ways to prospect for customers. The following are just a few:

  • Set aside time each day. Prospecting needs to be consistent. It isn’t an activity that is only for times when business is slow; it should be a daily task. Setting a designated time each day to work on prospecting will create a healthy sales habit for your reps. Use that time to reach out to prospects and create new business.
  • Use social media. You have to have a presence online, and social media is the way to go. If you your company is B2B, make sure that your team members are on LinkedIn, and if you are B2C, a presence on Facebook and Twitter is crucial.
  • Communicate great content. Increase credibility and trust by sending prospects useful and applicable content. People are more likely to do business with you when they see you as an expert in the industry. Sending great content shows them that you understand their business and you can help them grow.
  • Ask for referrals. Chances are good that when you have satisfied customers they will be happy to refer others to you. But you have to ask. Take time to identify customers with whom you have already closed deals and ask them who they know that might also benefit from your product.  
  • Follow-up. Not every prospect is ready to buy immediately. Don’t let valuable prospects slip through the cracks by not following up.

#3 – Create the Right Metrics

One of the most important aspects of sales success is having accurate and measurable data that allows your team to repeat what works and improve what doesn’t. Make sure that you are using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that provides you with the capability to create the metrics that are right for your team. When you have the right metrics in place, you will be able to create repeatable activities, stay on target with sales goals, and forecast sales more accurately.

#4 – Rally Your Team

A motivated team is a successful team. When you are the sales leader, it’s your job to rally your team, motivating and creating an environment of excitement and productivity, and making sure that your objectives are clear and communicated. Here’s how to do that:

  • Ask for input. The easiest way to make your team feel like a team is to ask for their feedback and suggestions. When they feel like they have a say in things, you will have their buy-in and they will perform better. Hold weekly roundtables rather than sales meetings – discussions rather than lectures.  
  • Change things up. Do something unexpected. Create games and healthy competitions without prior notice. Take a few minutes in the middle of the day to show motivational videos. Bring in treats or coffee mid-afternoon.
  • Allow autonomy. When your sales reps feel empowered they will be more productive and motivated. Give them the tools they need to be successful, but allow them the autonomy to use them to reach your objectives in their own way. Only micro-manage when it’s absolutely necessary.

#5 – Recognize Success

Never fail to recognize the success of your team members. It will not only motivate them, but it will create an environment of positivity, which is much more conducive to selling. Consider whether you have shown enough appreciation for your team. If not, do it sooner rather than later. The best two ways to show appreciation are to offer incentives and to express gratitude.

  • Incentivize. Sales is about numbers and money. When you offer reps rewards – monetary or otherwise – it’s motivating and it tells them that they are appreciated and valued by you and your organization.
  • Express gratitude. Don’t think that incentives are enough. If you want your team to perform well, they need to feel appreciated. Be sure that you express gratitude for jobs well-done verbally or in writing so they know that they are valued team members. While monetary compensation is a great incentive, you’ll find that a heart-felt thank you might just mean even more.

Make This Your Best Year for Sales

Crushing sales goals doesn’t have to be difficult. When you use these tips and tactics you will have a team that is motivated, productive, and happy – the perfect combination for a winning year.

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