Top Sales Hacks that Will Give You the Edge in 2020 (Summit Replay)

Top Sales Hacks

This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit. In it, Founder of #samsales Consulting, Samantha McKenna, shows you 4 crucial sales hacks to give you the edge in 2020.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of urgency
  • What to do when you lose a deal
  • How to write an email subject line that compels opening
  • How to always be on your customers mind by nurturing the relationship

The Video


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Outline and Timestamps

◉ Who is Samantha McKenna(00:16)

◉ Hack 1: The Urgent Bird Gets the Worm (03:36)

◈ Responding to Inbound Leads (04:08)

◈ Delivering on Time (05:05)

◈ The Two Thank You’s (06:59)

◉ Hack 2: What to Do When You Lose a Deal: (10:01)

◈ Sending a Handwritten Thank You Note(10:43)

◉ Hack 3: The Subject Line (12:44)

◈ Don’t Bury the Lead (14:33)

◉ Hack 4: Nurture, Nurture, Nurture (15:27)

◈ Bring Value to the Relationship (16:02)

◈ The Value-Driven Email (17:19)

◈ Face-to-Face Contact (18:44)

◈ Be Proactive (21:54)

Who is Samantha McKenna?

Samantha McKenna is the founder of #samsales, and is an award-winning sales leader with over a dozen years experience in the SaaS space.

She is an aggressive sales leader with endless energy and optimism; always putting her team first and still crushing the sales goals put before her. She is the creator of eight different programs such as a structured mentorship program, sales culture initiative, and executive social selling power hours.

As a former rep, she holds seven company sales records and was the winner of Rep of the Year plus multiple President’s Clubs. An avid speaker, and author she has published or been a guest in over 200 articles, books, conferences, and podcasts.

Her current company, #samsales, is a sales and strategy consultancy working with clients on scaling their SaaS businesses for process improvement, revenue growth, and acquisition.

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