Value Based Selling: 7 Powerful Actions You Must Take to Offer Genuine Value


This article dives into 7 examples of how to offer genuine value in B2B sales prospecting. In the video below, I summarize what these 7 examples of value based selling are, but if you’d rather barrel through, keep scrolling!

OK, truth time. If I hear the phrase “ADD VALUE” one more freaking time, I am going to choke someone. I’m talking about that single overused phrase that goes like this, “Just add value.”

I was exhausted from hearing the same old spiel.

Every. Single. Day.

So I decided to go ahead and create this short video on how to create “thoughtful interactions” aka add that all-important value based selling we touched on earlier.

But before I run through the 7 things you can do to offer your prospects real value, I’d like you to pause and think about a simple analogy.

You’re walking through the mall on a Saturday afternoon. You just bought a new pair of shoes, and you’re feeling pretty damn good after the fact. Now you’ve just entered the food court area, and something smells delicious! A sweet little lady offers you a piece of teriyaki chicken on a toothpick.

You eat it—yum!—then you ask if you can have another.

Let me ask you, did this sample taste OLD? Was it COLD? Was it leftover from the day before?


Or was the morsel HOT, FRESH, and DELICIOUS?

Answer? Yes!

Now let’s stop and think about what you’ve been offering your sales prospects. Is your pitch hot, fresh, and delicious? Or is it old, cold, and leftover? Like yesterday’s batch of chicken?

Be honest?

If you’re not offering PIPING HOT ideas, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. After all, nobody can say they’re a fan of stale, recycled, outdated, boring, or self-centered (me, me me) content. Right?

Value Based Selling Fundamentals: 7 Actions to Create Thoughtful Interactions

1) Firmly believe in your USP and back it up.
2) Block out some time to be thoughtful.
3) Watch and learn what the top influencers in your market are doing.
4) If you’re not a writer yet, BECOME a video content creator.
5) Before every single interaction or follow up, STOP for a moment.
6) Respect your prospect’s time!
7) Show a Genuine and Sincere Interest In Their Work.

1) Believe in your USP and back it up

“Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” ~ Malcolm X

One of the most solid pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from Phil Romano’s business partner, Joe Palladino. What he told me was plain and simple. He just told me to “Be what you are.” NOT what you think a prospect wants you to be. Know your own value and BE what you are.

If you approach your prospects trying to be a know-it-all chameleon or your USP isn’t focused on ONE great thing—it might be time to read Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing.

Sales tip #1: Be what you are and articulate your unique value for the rest of the world to see.

2) Block out some time to be thoughtful

Today’s homework? Get into the good habit of time-blocking.

Block out 10-15 minutes a day. Turn off your phone and find a quiet place. Next, write down 10 actionable things you can do and/or send your prospects that will encourage thoughtful change.

Share ideas that either inform or teach them something or brighten their day. Give them ideas that will help them beat their competition, make them smarter, make them smile, or tips that will help their career. The possibilities are endless!

Take this thoughtful time to focus on your prospect WINNING. You’ll be amongst the 1% of salespeople they actually trust. So make every minute count.

Sales tip #2: Write down 10 valuable ideas you can send your prospects that will encourage thoughtful change.

3) Watch and learn what the top influencers in your market are doing

At least once a week, I like to take a look at the top players in my space and ask “Why?”

What are they doing to be the “top player” in sales? Why are they doing it?

Sure, I’m BIG on being unique and being myself, but it’s also rewarding to watch others and keep an eye out on how to be highly successful in sales. I personally use 3×5 notecards to make notes once a week and jot down any ideas, campaigns, posts, and inspiration for brainstorming in the future.

You’ll be surprised by just how effective this simple exercise is. Remember, if you do it regularly and take action on what you’ve learned, the results will speak volumes.

Sales tip #3: Always focus on building your knowledge bank by learning weekly tips from the top players in your industry.

4) If you’re not a writer yet, BECOME a video content creator

My suggestion is to start creating original content. This is an amazing way to research and learn your market.

Start by building your own personal brand, and really get used to putting your prospects first in your heart and mind. If 7 in 10 B2B buyers are engaged in watching videos, I sure as hell want to be involved in producing video!

It’s totally OK to start off small too. Start by picking a topic and publishing one thoughtful video each week.

Sales tip #4: Content creation is something valuable to incorporate into your sales prospecting. Your job is to get good at it!

5) Before every single interaction or follow up, STOP for a moment

Before you hit “Send” or “Call”, take a moment to look at how thoughtful your interaction really is.

Are you just following up to follow up? Start catching yourself doing this. Trust me, it’s more common than you think.

To this day, even after having taught this at Predictable University for over 2 years, sometimes I still have to pause and say “STOP ARON! What are you doing to create a thoughtful interaction right now?”

Sales Tip #5: Quiz yourself on how thoughtful your interactions are. Remember to be in the moment and make your follow-ups count.

6) Respect your prospect’s time!

Don’t make your prospect have to guess what you do, why you do it, and about why they should care.

I created the hashtag (cuss word alert!) #WTFSTC. This translates to “Why the f**k should they care?”

This is a reminder to respect your prospect’s time by articulating quickly why they should care. Why should they invest another 10 seconds in this interaction with you?

Try filling the blank. “Our customers hire us because ________”

This is a simple statement you can use in person, on the phone, or write in an email. The idea here is NOT to sell but to show respect and get to the #WTFSTC part of your interaction.

Sales tip #6: Streamline your own positioning and practice how to wow your customers in each interaction.

(Oh, and if you want me to post a video specifically on how and why I do this, let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll post it here.)

7) Show a genuine and sincere interest in their work

Belonging and acceptance are both basic human needs.

Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Everyone—I don’t care how successful or not they are—wants to feel like they belong, be accepted and feel validated.

I’m not telling you to lie or be a kiss ass, but to take some time to review what your prospect is doing.

Pay special attention to the great things—maybe they’re blogging, podcasting, or posting value-backed content on LinkedIn? Let them know why you think they’re doing such a great job!

Sales tip #7: Tune in and listen, then engage. Be confident in every opinion you’re bringing to the table.

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