How to Set up Your Inbound Efforts to Make Your Outbound Strategy More Effective

outbound sales strategy replay


Dan AhmadiDir., Business Operations at Outreach

Brian BirkettSVP of Sales at LeanData

Moderator: Scott Barker – Head Of Partnerships at Sales Hacker
Outbound sales is often a hot topic because a silver bullet that applies to all personas and industries does not exist. Sales Managers too often get caught up in how to optimize their outbound efforts that they forget about enabling their team for handling inbound.

But the most successful sales organizations build a predictable pipeline by leveraging a strong inbound strategy that supplements outbound efforts. In this webinar, two operations legends discussed how to implement inbound to ensure you’re optimizing your outbound sales team’s workflow.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Best practices for inbound lead handling processing
  • How Outreach and LeanData optimize inbound lead machine for outbound sales
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