What B2B Buyers Really Want You to Know

what b2b buyers really want you to know webinar replay


Randy Bernard – VP of Sales, TimeTrade

Steve Preston – VP of Marketing, CyberArk

What you’ll learn:

  • How enterprise buyers in Sales, Marketing, and Finance source, research and qualify (or disqualify) potential solutions for their company
  • The tactics and channels that really work to gain and sustain their attention
  • What these buyers want sellers to know about their preferences – and their pet peeves – that can help you improve future win rates

Being a successful B2B salesperson requires a rep to be equal parts actor, translator, firefighter and psychologist (in no particular order!).

Now think about the other party in that equation: the buyer. They have an equally difficult job as they seek to understand their organization’s needs, identify potential vendors, negotiate pricing and procurement, drive adoption and use post-purchase, and then assess whether it was all worth it in the end.

Given these complexities, and the challenges inherent in both roles, it’s no surprise we have a communication gap. In this webinar, we gave the sales pros a unique chance to bridge that gap — speaking to and hearing directly from buyers in key enterprise roles about what they really want you to know when it comes to engaging them and ultimately earning their business.

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