Your Sales Hacker Community Leaders (2020-2021)

At Sales Hacker, our Community Leaders help build relationships with our members through moderating specific channels and being involved in events. They are a part of every conversation that is in our community, and they help bring other experts into the discussions.

Our 2020-2021 Community Leaders went through an extensive application and interview process. These CL’s continue to challenge themselves to learn so they can give back to the Sales Hacker Community.

Make sure to add them to your network and give them a warm welcome, because you’ll be seeing them all over Sales Hacker!


Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is an award-winning, results-driven sales leader. She is recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top 100 Sales Stars, with over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership. As the Director of Sales for Inside Out, she leads a team to provide sales development resources and operational excellence; creating pipeline confidence for revenue leaders.

A LinkedIn Live Hostess, Jen brings Sales & Leadership with Heart and Ladies Happy Hour to the business community. Jen believes in the power of diversity of thought and that everyone’s unique journey should be celebrated.


Mark Moshofsky

Mark is currently a Sales Development Team Lead working with new SDR’s starting at Outreach, leading/developing the Agoge training onboarding program in a remote setting.

He provides the foundational skills for brand new SDRs as they look to progress through the Sales Development organization at Outreach.


Sales Hacker provides a network of sales professionals dedicated to helping others in similar roles. Being a part of a community with similar goals and aspirations will help foster career growth in thousands of members that I truly wanted to be part of.


JoBeth Hanak

My name is JoBeth Hanak (she/they) and I am excited to be starting as a Community Leader for Sales Hacker! Back in 2017, I graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Corporate Communications Studies and a Business Foundations Certification. I started my sales career while in school and have now been in sales for 5+ years with 3+ of those years being in SaaS. Most of my experience is as a full cycle AE, but I am currently working as a BDR at Zilliant to learn how to sell pricing and sales optimization software to enterprises.

My interests outside of work include art (drawing and oil painting mostly), hardcore music, riding my motorcycle, and getting more tattoos. However, the best thing to know about me is that I have a super adorable and slightly intelligent one-eyed rescue pup who keeps me constantly on my toes as she finds new, thrilling ways to get into trouble. Oh, and I’m getting married to the love of my life in October 2021!


Joe Latchaw

Joe is an experienced Lead Development Manager with a long history in the information technology and services industry.

Skilled in Coaching, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Team Building, and Contact Centers.



I keep coming back to SH for the community. It seriously feels like ONE big family, and I love how vulnerable and eager to learn our family members are.

No one ever claims to be the smartest in the room, and with each discussion, our members and leadership alike are growing.



Brian Smith Jr.

Brian Smith Jr. currently works as an Account Executive for Vendition. He is responsible for helping scale Vendition’s GTM strategy by developing partnerships with net new businesses to help Sales Leaders recruit, hire, and train top diverse sales development talent.



Sales Hacker is not only the largest community for sales, it is the greatest source of truth for anyone selling in the B2B space. The information in the community is relevant, it’s actionable, and it’s credible.


Dustin Brown

Dustin has been in sales for the past 15 years and has been through it all. He started off in boiler room type sales, where he had one call to close, then moving into an SDR role, and eventually landing his dream role with the strategic sellers at a dream of a company called Outreach.

He has seen it all, heard it all, and done it all. He’s failed, succeeded, and is still learning and getting better every day.

He can’t wait to learn from all of you, and, in turn, he hopes he can impart some of his experiences to help you succeed and know there’s a place for you at the table!


Sales Hacker has created a community where like-minded people can come to find real advice and not have to take some ‘Guru’s’ word for it.

The advice here is consumable, practical, battle-tested, and up to date. Plus it’s a place where sellers can be themselves and ask the real questions they’d most likely never ask their boss.

I’m excited to bring more realness to the sales conversation. This is one of the greatest professions, and I can’t wait to make others better, and to likewise learn from others.”


Macky Bradley

After a tremendously successful award-winning career in the Automotive Industry, as a Director for Service and Parts Operations for New Car Dealership Groups, Macky transitioned over to the Tech Industry (mostly sales in the SaaS and PaaS communities).

He and his family have volunteered for many years for organizations, mostly through the church, where they have prepped meals for the homeless and raised money.

He lives by the principles of honesty, integrity, hard work, and humility, and if you see something you don’t like… work harder to change it.

No whiners. Take no prisoners.

He now resides in a small community in Fulshear, Texas, a suburb of Houston.


I absolutely am thrilled to be a founding member of Sales Hacker. The main thing for me is this sense of belonging to an amazing platform where we are building the future of sales today.

Knowing that this platform will be there for future generations of salespeople is humbling. Also, when I provide someone with advice, and they write me back saying how helpful my response was, it gives me great satisfaction that I am giving back to the community and the profession that has provided so much to my family and me.


Rebecca Garber

Rebecca started out in business development because she wanted the opportunity to make a career out of her favorite thing — asking questions.

Over the years, she’s worked inbound, outbound, and managed BDR teams at multiple B2B SaaS companies.

In that time, she’s realized that the BDR function is the single most important (and most overlooked) part of the revenue engine, so now she advocates for business development whenever and however she can.


I found out about SalesHacker when I first started my sales career and have been a fan and promoter ever since.

It has been a consistently valuable, authentic, and supportive voice as my sales career has evolved, and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute.


Kyle Larkin

Kyle has had the opportunity to experience selling across multiple industries and across varying sales cultures.

Starting out, he was going door-to-door “selling” free estimates on windows, siding, and roofs. He transitioned to selling trash services over the phone and finally made the move into selling enterprise-grade SaaS solutions at small startup organizations.

All of these experiences has given him insight into very different ways to approach selling, as well as how teams are able to create successful vs toxic cultures.

His passion now lies in helping both teams and individuals not only be successful but find joy in the work they do and how they serve the customer.

Why Sales Hacker?

Sales Hacker brings together a community of sales professionals from different backgrounds and organizations, which allows for a great forum to share success stories and challenges in our field.

Being able to escape the bubbles that we often operate in and learn how others are addressing similar challenges in unique ways is a highly valuable resource.


Melissa Murillo

Melissa Murillo is the Director of Sales Development at Spirion and has a passion for helping others find their love of sales.

She has trained and coached sellers and leaders, both in the US and abroad. She was a protégé and now mentor in Girls Club whose mission is to change the face of sales leadership by empowering more women to earn roles in management.

She was also featured by Sales Hacker as one of the most dynamic women in sales 2019. Melissa is a huge advocate for women in not only sales but also IT, sitting on the executive council for CompTIA’s advancing women in IT in 2017.

She could not be more excited to be working with Sales Hacker to deliver more insight into the world of Sales Development. In her free time, you can find her at Disney with her 9-year-old daughter Lydia.


I have been a huge fan of Sales Hacker for quite some time. Not only is their content relevant and insightful, but they have been a huge advocate for women, diversity and inclusion in sales.

Their mission and what they stand for is what makes me proud to be a sales leader. I could not be more excited to get to work with them and help others find their passion in sales.


Vijay P

Vijay is a veteran in HR Tech SaaS business. he’s currently the head of Global Business Otomeyt Tech Pte Ltd ( An Apar Entity). His expertise lies in setting up businesses, scaling up, managing P&L’s & making them profitable. He’s worked with an excellent blend of companies, from Top MNC’s to new age startups.

In his current role, he is leading global business & alliances for OTOMEYT (An HR tech suite) and is responsible for driving the mission of being the top 3 HR tech firms globally. Previously, he held leadership positions in known brands like Bennett Coleman, Skoda Auto & HackerEarth.

His exposure to global markets in different industries is what sets him apart. He is a strong believer of perseverance and loves solving customer’s problems.

Why Sales Hacker?

Sales Hacker is the pioneer in bringing Sales back to mainstream. I would like to contribute & give back to the community that I think is the most dynamic one out there.”


Mark Lerner

Mark is a versatile B2B marketer with over 8 years of director/VP level experience within the technology space. Highly versed in a variety of marketing strategies including ABM, outbound, inbound, lead generation, integrated marketing, content marketing and more.

He is currently the Head of Marketing at RevOps and has a great newsletter called “The RevOps Daily”.

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