How to Be True to Yourself as the Only In the Room with Amyra Rand


Amyra looked up to a female VP of sales early in her career. She appreciated the way she looked at things, the way her brain worked, and how she always knew the right questions to ask.

In a room full of men, she was 100% herself. She wasn’t afraid to laugh or be feminine.

One day she told another colleague, “I really appreciate the way she interacts in a room.”

The coworker responded, “when I see her in a room she doesn’t seem very professional. She giggles, and she’s soft in the room.”

At that moment, Amyra realized it’s OK to be true to your brand. If people aren’t comfortable with who you are or how you’re presenting, then maybe it’s not the right fit.

Listen to this highlight from Christina’s conversation with Amyra to learn how this aha moment impacted Amyra’s career and how she’s approached each new opportunity.

Host: Christina Brady, President of Sales Assembly

Guest: Amyra Rand, Vice President of Sales at Ziflow

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